Wild Horses Kimberly

Wild Horses Kimberley was formed in 2005 to protect the wild horses at Lake Gregory in the East Kimberley.

Percherons were introduced in the early 1950s on Bililuna by Bill Wilson who owned the lease.
The original  stallions were taken to Balgo in October 1967 by Father John McGuire. Three stallions and 22 stud book mares went up from Melbourne to improve stock horse breeds and to help start a visionary project to breed horses and cattle for the Aboriginal community.

The three stallions were Grey Ghost (Arabian Purebred & Sandown Sprint Record),Basin Street (Melbourne Cup Runner) and Palm Boy (sired by 4 years running Victorian Champion Sire, Better Boy).

From the breeding program 500 horses were sent to Tanzania for use as police and army horses. Some ran and won races in towns all over the Kimberley.

From these stallions a unique breed of horses has survived and is flourishing in areas around Lake Gregory and up the Sturt Creek which originates in the NT.

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